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Breaking News: General Nguema sworn in as Gabon’s Interim president

Breaking News: General Nguema sworn in as Gabon’s Interim president:  AFP journalists saw the sworn-in of Brice Oligui Nguema, the Gabonese general who spearheaded the coup that ended the Bongo dynasty’s 55-year rule, on Monday as interim president.

Breaking News: General Nguema sworn in as Gabon’s Interim president

Leading a coup on Wednesday against President Ali Bongo Ondimba, the scion of a dynasty that had governed since 1967, was Oligui, the leader of the elite Republican Guard.

The 64-year-old Bongo was ousted shortly after the results of last month’s presidential election were declared, which the opposition called a sham.

“I swear before God and the Gabonese people to faithfully preserve the republican regime,” said Oligui.

At the event before Constitutional Court justices, Oligui, dressed in the crimson ceremonial attire of the Republican Guard, also pledged to “preserve the achievements of democracy.”

In a speech, he made a quick promise to organise “free… (and) transparent elections” during an unspecified transition time and to pardon “prisoners of conscience.”

According to the leaders of the coup, the country’s institutions have been dissolved, the election results have been nullified, and the borders have been temporarily blocked.

Breaking News: General Nguema sworn in as Gabon’s Interim president

Other nations do not recognise Oligui as the rightful leader of Gabon, and he is under pressure to outline his strategies for reestablishing civilian authority.

After the coup was announced, Oligui was gleefully hoisted up by his troops, and in the days that followed, generals and colonels were spotted flanking him.

In addition, he has participated in hours of high-profile talks with representatives of political parties, unions, business, and religion. He has also taken notes and given lengthy answers to queries and complaints from the press and NGOs. How to Create AI generated stickers on Whatsapp (Quick and Easy)

He promised on Friday to establish more human rights-abiding democratic institutions, but he would move “without haste.”

Although a small portion of the previous opposition is calling on Oligui to cede control, the Bongo dynasty’s fall appears to have pleased many Gabonese. As seen by the joyous festivities taking place in the streets of Libreville, the capital, and Port-Gentil, the country’s commercial centre.

Because of doubts about the validity of the vote itself, a number of Western nations and groups have denounced the coup while recognising that it differs from others on the continent.

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