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Breaking News: 10,000 missing in Libya storm floods

Breaking News: 10,000 missing in Libya storm floods: The Red Cross issued a warning on Tuesday, stating that 10,000 people have been reported missing. And that the death toll from the unusual floods in eastern Libya is sure to rise sharply.

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At least 2000 people are said to have died in flooding in Libya during storm Daniel’s passage over the Mediterranean. Thereby hitting Greece, Turkey, and Bulgaria, according to Libyan officials.

Breaking News: 10,000 missing in Libya storm floods

Breaking News: 10,000 missing in Libya storm floods

However, the real toll was probably several times higher. This was according to Tamer Ramadan of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

The health minister of Libya’s eastern administration, which is supported by the parliament, Othman Abduljalil, told Libya’s Almasar TV that as many as 6,000 people are missing from the city of Derna alone.

During his visit to Derna on Monday, Abduljalil called some areas of the city a “ghost town.”

“The situation was catastrophic… The bodies are still lying in many places,” Abduljalil told Libya’s Almasar TV.

“There are families still stuck inside their homes and there are victims under the rubble… I expect people have been washed away into the sea, and tomorrow (Tuesday) morning, we’ll find many of them,” he said.

The Mediterranean Sea has flooded Derna and other northeastern towns.

Fears exist that the country’s political divisions, which have resulted in a ten-year power struggle between two competing administrations—one in the east and one in the west—may hinder relief operations.

The precipitation is the outcome of a powerful low-pressure system that passed over the Mediterranean last week. Bringing devastating floods to Greece, and then intensified into a medicane, a tropical-like cyclone. The weather pattern is comparable to typhoons in the Pacific or hurricanes and tropical storms in the Atlantic.

A social media post on Monday stated that the Red Crescent Society of Libya believed that over 300 people had perished in Derna. How To Tell If A Cat Is Pregnant(All You Need To Know)

Strong, muddy currents carrying cars and debris wiped away homes in valleys, he continued. Aly stated that employees are unable to access Derna because of the extensive damage. He also said that phone connections in the city are also down, which makes rescue operations more difficult. Breaking News: UAE Lifts Visa Ban For Nigerians 

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