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22 Ideas for Growing Instagram Followers

22 Ideas for Growing Instagram Followers: Today’s digital era has made social media platforms invaluable for anybody looking to reach an audience, spread their message, or increase their influence. Instagram is one of the most well-known and powerful of these sites because of its massive user base of over a billion people. Instagram has a massive user base, so getting more people to follow you is essential if you want to be successful there.

22 Ideas for Growing Instagram Followers

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Growing your Instagram following may be beneficial whether you’re an entrepreneur trying to spread the word about your wares, an influencer hoping to reach more people, or just someone who enjoys interacting with others who share similar interests. However, it can be difficult to stand out and build a substantial following due to ever-changing algorithms and stiff competition.

Gaining organic followers on Instagram and connecting with more people may be done with the aid of a variety of proven tactics and ideas. In this detailed tutorial, we’ll go over 22 strategies you may use to increase your Instagram following and broaden your online visibility. How To Train A Cat To Use A Litter Box

Statistics on Instagram

1. 64% of Instagram users are under the age of 34.

2. Advertising on Instagram might reach its 1.440 billion users in July 2022, placing it fourth among the most ‘active’ social media platforms worldwide.

3. Users like 4.2 billion Instagram posts each day.

4. Engagement rates for posts on Instagram business accounts are approximately 0.83%.

5. India (201 million), the United States (157 million), and Brazil have Instagram’s most active users (115 million).

All of this serves as a blatant demonstration of the breadth of options and potential that Instagram offers.

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FAQs & Answers on Ideas for Growing Instagram Followers

1. How long does it take to gain followers on Instagram naturally?

Instagram followers may be grown organically over time, but how long it takes depends on a number of things, including the quality of your content, your interaction techniques, your target demographic, and your consistency. It’s a long road that rewards perseverance and patience. Significant development often takes many months to a year to manifest.

2. Can I purchase followers on Instagram to boost my popularity?

Although it is feasible to buy Instagram followers, you shouldn’t. Paying for followers will increase your total number quickly, but they are usually bogus or dormant accounts that don’t provide anything of value. It might damage your reputation and trustworthiness on the platform over time. How To Make A Homemade Face Mask For Acne

3. When it comes to expanding one’s Instagram following, how critical are collaborations?

Working together to get Instagram followers may be quite effective. By forming strategic alliances with businesses and influencers in your field, you can increase the number of people who see your material and, hopefully, increase the number of people who become regular readers. Working with others allows you to reach out to a wider audience and strengthens your reputation by association.

4. When publishing, should I prioritize quantity or quality?

You need to find a happy medium between quantity and quality when publishing on Instagram. In order to draw in and keep your target audience, you need to consistently provide high-quality material that they like consuming. However, maintaining a steady presence in the feeds of your followers requires consistent effort. Maintain a consistent publishing schedule without sacrificing content quality.

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22 Ideas for Growing Instagram Followers

Ideas for Growing Instagram Followers (22 Great Ideas)

Let’s now examine ways to gain more Instagram followers.

1. Use Your Bio to Your Advantage

When someone visits your Instagram page, the first thing they see is a welcoming and interesting bio. It resembles your brand’s homepage in several ways. People can get a sense of your brand’s mission from the bio. For simple access, the bio should also provide a link to your website or the most recent material. Additionally, you might use pertinent hashtags in your profile to get people’ attention. A strong bio may go a long way. How To Paint A Portrait With Acrylics(Step By Step)

2. Include Useful Hashtags in Your Content

With the help of hashtags, you can reach a whole new audience. Use hashtags that are relevant to your target demographic or hashtags that are branded for your company. Users are more inclined to follow your brand if they think your hashtags to be relevant.

3. Share Your Content at the Appropriate Moment

Your brand will become more visible if you do this. Pre-COVID, 11 a.m. on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday, and 2 p.m. on Tuesday, were the greatest times to post on Instagram, according to data from sprout social.

4. Acquire Followers from Your Rivals

By interacting with your competition, you can snag their followers. Users who have already followed your competitor’s account represent a highly qualified audience who may end up representing your brand. Follow consumers, give them likes, and leave comments on their content to interact with them. The more you interact with them, the more probable it is that your brand will grow.

5. Charge for sponsored articles and product evaluations

Finding influencers working in your sector is crucial to begin with. Having them promote your material will help it reach more people. Influencers that publish their email addresses in their bios and have more than 20,000 subscribers might be interested in working with your company. You may offer influencers a sample of special products so they can review and blog about them.

6. Make Local Discoverability a Priority with Geotags

People who are looking for that location can find your material by tagging your location in your posts or stories. It might assist in promoting your company locally to the appropriate clientele. You can share your blog posts and personal narratives about that area.

7. Utilize Instagram Stories

You may develop your user base and gain more followers on Instagram by using stories. The validity of your brand may rise as a result. Additionally, it can boost participation and provide users with a behind-the-scenes glimpse at your company. You can promote your blogs, your writing, mention relevant businesses, and more. How To Paint A Portrait With Watercolor Pencils

8. Emphasize Significant Stories

You can arrange your stories using the spotlight feature of stories to explain to your audience what your brand stands for. Because stories have a limited lifespan, highlights prolong the impact of your content and encourage consumers to follow your brand. Stories can be sorted for easy use since they are a special form of archive.

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9. Request Supporters

Even though they might like your content, not everyone is following your brand just yet. They only require a little prod. You can achieve this by requesting user followers. Additionally, you may incorporate these into your captions and comments to encourage people to follow and interact with your brand.

10. Keep Up With Current Trends

By following current trends, you may raise engagement and visibility. Match your hashtags and content to the current trends. Nevertheless, be cautious that your content is presented meaningfully and is pertinent to your audience.

11. Conduct giveaways and contests

You may get more visitors to your brand’s page by holding contests and giveaways. You can ask users to like, share, comment, use a particular hashtag, tag a friend, and other things. How To Remove Stains From Carpet(The Ultimate Guide)

12. Continue to Post Frequently

Make sure your posts have a theme and a regular timetable. To develop a compelling theme and convey users the tale you want to tell, you can schedule your updates. Additionally, by scheduling posts, you can create content in advance rather than improvising.

13. Track Your Instagram Followers 

Be sure to monitor your development (or the lack thereof). Instagram’s data analytics can help you identify your weaknesses and potential areas for improvement. By figuring out what works in the postings that are effective, you can also expand your brand.

14. Employ Instagram ads

Given that Instagram is now a part of Facebook, Instagram ads can be managed through Facebook’s ad management. With the help of these adverts, more people can see your material. Customers see your advertisements in accordance with their interests, habits, demographics, notable activities, etc. You could publish carousel advertising, stories, videos, photo ads, and more.

15. Produce Eye-Catching Ads

Instagram users must be drawn in for your adverts to be effective. You can concentrate on various things, such as:

  • Using pictures that are appropriate for the platform and organic.
  • Reducing the wording in advertisements. How To Potty Train A Toddler (The Ultimate Guide)
  • Ensuring that your captions are appropriate for both your audience and the image.
  • Use hashtags to increase the visibility of your content.

16. Employ tools on Instagram

With the aid of tools, you may grow and interact with your audience. In addition to providing metrics and insights, they may assist you in scheduling your posts and help you choose the appropriate hashtags to utilize. Hootsuite, Later, Linktree, and other well-known applications are only a few of the available tools.

17. Create Your Own Style

Make an effort to distinguish yourself visually in front of your audience. By doing this, you may give your brand a distinctive look that customers will know right away. Your brand identity incorporates this look, which improves brand recognition.

18. Make use of user-generated content

User-generated content, or UGC, can help your brand become more real and more human. The relationship you have with your audience is consequently strengthened by this. Users could be encouraged to upload photos with a specific hashtag, tag their friends, etc.

19. Employ top-notch photos and videos

The use of only the best, original, and authentic images is required. Making sure of this can assist consumers in forming a connection with the photos on a personal level. To keep viewers’ interest, video content needs to be entertaining, succinct, and educational.

20. Disseminate Your Content on Additional Social Media Platforms

If you don’t use your social media platforms, what good are they? You can use other social media networks to advertise your Instagram account. It helps to advertise your page in offline events like print ads and other gatherings.

21. Make Use of Keywords to Feature in Searches

Instagram recommends including pertinent keywords in post captions to increase discoverability. It’s because search results are now shown differently. Only pertinent accounts, hashtags, and places appeared in search results in the past. Now, search results also show the keyword results pages meant for browsing. How To Create A Budget For Retirement

22. Create a Beautiful Instagram Grid

When someone follows you for the first time or visits your profile to look at your items, your grid is an opportunity to introduce them to your vibe or brand. The grid establishes a user’s first impression and provides a bird’s-eye view of their posting history.

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In conclusion, growing your Instagram followers involves preparation, consistency, and audience involvement. This article provides 22 ideas to naturally grow your Instagram followers. You may build a strong online presence and get devoted followers by optimising your profile, producing high-quality material, using relevant hashtags, and connecting with your audience.

Collaborations with influencers and businesses, cross-promotion on other platforms, and user-generated content may increase your reach and following. Growing your Instagram following takes time and patience. Building a community and connecting with your audience is more important than numbers. How To Make Homemade Natural Beauty Products

By applying these tactics and analysing your Instagram stats, you can adjust to the platform’s changes. To succeed on Instagram, be honest, give value, and follow trends.


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