14 Cheap Ways to Block a Neighbor’s View (2023 Guide)

14 Cheap Ways to Block a Neighbor’s View (2023 Guide)

Hello! Let us examine 14 cheap ways to block a neighbor’s view.

cheap ways to block a neighbor's view

Do you believe it’s OK to let your neighbors see you when you’re just relaxing in your garden or on your patio? Or do you think it’s odd? The answer is definitely no! What is the most effective method for obstructing your neighbor’s view?

At different times of the year, certain garden areas could require more isolation. Take on each problem individually with a few workable answers before attempting to solve them all at once to see which works best. Trees, hedges, shrubs, and vines will continue to serve as natural barriers that offer isolation for the foreseeable future. Additionally, you can opt to remove or store the screen or fence once it has grown.

Hence it is essential to know ways to block a neighbor’s view. Here are 14 inexpensive methods to keep your whereabouts a secret from your neighbor and the general public:

14 Ways to block a neighbor’s view

Here are 14 cheap ways to block a neighbor’s view and keep your privacy:

Cheap Ways to block a neighbor's view

1. Install A Fence

The first of the cheap ways to block a neighbor’s view is to install a fence. A patio or backyard barrier can improve seclusion. Wood or metal fences are available. Corrugated metal fences are attractive and affordable. They lose appeal as they decay. Maintaining them is good, though.

A fence: Cheap ways to block a neighbor's view

Corrugated fences may also reduce wind resistance. The strong metal fence may also block sound. Timber fences may be better if you don’t like metal. Timber-slatted fences are fantastic choices for timber fencing. However, that seems like a large request. For a more elegant look, horizontal hardwood slats can be covered with lattice.

You should also consider using a spite fence.

2. Use Outdoor Screens

If you live next to a nosy person and have a patio, using outdoor screens is one of the cheap ways to block a neighbor’s view. Patio safety may be simplified with the use of outdoor screens to prevent prying eyes from peering in where they shouldn’t. Most outside screens are made by attaching sheets of cloth to iron frames. The greatest selling point of these external monitors is their low weight.

Therefore, you won’t have any difficulty relocating them anywhere you choose, in your yard or on your patio. Also, after usage, they may be folded up and put away without any hassle. Popular outdoor privacy deck screens are only one example of the many screen options available. Mesh construction allows airflow while blocking prying eyes from the opposite side.

Outdoor screens are often low-cost and easy to come by. Therefore, if you’re looking for an affordable privacy solution without sacrificing quality, this may be your best option.

3. Make A Garden Slat Wall

The third cheap way to block a neighbor’s view is to make a slat wall.

You may divide up your patio with a screen panel or a room divider. But the price tag on this might be prohibitive. Another option is to build a garden slat wall, which would do double-duty as a decorative accent and a privacy barrier.

Dig two holes that are 22 inches apart for the wall’s anchor posts. Following the completion of the hole-cutting process, the posts may be set in their designated locations. Once the posts have been properly aligned, fill any gaps with concrete sand for further stability. Screw the boards into the posts one by one, being careful to allow some room between each one. (roughly keep around half-inch apart)

Once the boards have been set in place, you may start filling the screw holes with wood filler. The boards can be finished in a variety of ways, including by sanding them to a satisfactory smoothness, staining them, and sealing them with a protective coating.

After that is done, you can easily increase the structure’s visual appeal by hanging your beautiful flower pots from it.

4. Plant Hedgerows

To conceal unsightly areas, hedges in borders are a smart choice. Massive prison-like walls or fences are also an option. Instead, I think it would be far more attractive if you put in some softer trees or other buildings to break up the view.


These Italian cypress trees, for instance, are suitable for planting because of their columnar growth pattern. These trees may quickly reach heights of 70 feet or more. They won’t simply keep prying eyes out of your lower windows, but all of them, giving you the peace and quiet you’ve been craving.

The possible spread of this plant is 10–20 feet. (three to three meters). So, this plant is effective even if the area to be screened is on the smaller side.

Since this is a non-intrusive method of obstructing your neighbor’s view, you’ll also be able to take pleasure in the enchantment of a more verdant and airy garden.

Make sure the plants you choose can survive in your conditions, and give them plenty of water. In addition, remember that you will need to cut them if they get unruly. Therefore, you may implement this idea in your yard to build a personal enclosure.

5. Plant Trees and Bushes

In addition to our first idea of planting hedges, you may also plant a single large tree or clumps of bushes anyplace you choose on your patio or backyard garden to hide a neighbor’s view of your property.

You may also make a big tree the focal point of the garden by putting it there. Choose evergreen trees wherever feasible when landscaping your patio or yard.
You wouldn’t want to spend the summer in peace and quiet only to have to deal with wide open doors and windows in the dead of winter, now would you?

The utilization of evergreen trees, which retain their leaves throughout the year, is therefore essential for creating a private and tranquil outdoor space.

A less irreversible option is to line up many large potted plants in a row. Plants like bamboo, which grow quickly, may be used to create a private space in your garden quickly.

As opposed to erecting stone walls, investing in tree and plant growth will yield much greater returns.

6. Grow Long Grass

You may also utilize the tall grass as a privacy fence around your house. Because of its inherent attractiveness and lushness, a live fence is usually an excellent replacement for a conventional fence. It will not only make your yard more private, but it will also make it seem better. A living wall made of plants is an excellent option for those seeking anonymity.

You can go ahead and plant trees and bushes, as was previously mentioned. Unlike shrubs and evergreen trees, ornamental grasses can mature in as little as two growing seasons.

This makes it a viable option for those who require temporary seclusion. Beautiful grasses like Zebra Grass, Pampas Grass, sturdy Pink Hair Grass, Feather Reed Grass, Clumping Bamboo, and Fountain Grass may help you feel more secluded in your outdoor space.

7. Incorporate Vines

Using vines is one of the cheap ways to block your neighbor’s view.

It’s possible to hide your deck or patio from prying eyes by planting tall grasses and other greenery there.


To finish the effect, set some pots with climbing vines under the trellis or lattice. The vines will then begin to grow and encircle the things you’ve put in them. The idea is very straightforward!

8. Apply a Trellis

Trellis is another inexpensive option for enclosing your deck or patio in seclusion. As an added bonus, trellises are easier to build than fences because of their lower size. A trellis may be a terrific addition to your garden or patio, providing a place for climbing plants and vines to climb and decorate the space.

9. Use Lattice Screens

When it comes to maintaining your personal space, a lattice screen is one of the most economical options. Natural materials like wood are frequently used while making latticework. However, you can also get these things in a wide range of plastic variations.

I suggest using wood or other materials that come from natural sources to reduce your project’s environmental impact. I can really tell a difference in the cleanliness level. Moreover, they come in a variety of hues, forms, and dimensions to meet your preferences. Not only that but many of them can be adjusted to fit your needs and need minimal assembly time.

Choose items based on how well they will go with your patio or garden, and then relax in the seclusion they afford.

10. Utilize Overhead Coverage

This is something to think about if you and your next-door neighbor both live in a multi-story home. Set up a shade sail or awning in your backyard to keep you cool. Because the shade is made of sailcloth or another opaque material, your neighbors won’t be able to spy on you.

On the other side, vegetation-like trees may sometimes act as overhead shade. Overhead shade is not only insulating, but it also provides welcome relief from the sweltering sun throughout the summer.

11. Fix Outdoor Curtains

Beyond that, one of the cheapest methods to prevent your neighbors from peering in is to place curtains on the outside of your home. If you frequently get complaints from your neighbors when eating in your patio or backyard dining area, consider moving your meals inside.

Then you need to invest in some cheap outdoor curtains and hang them up to provide the required amount of seclusion. Some sturdy rods or wooden bars to keep the drapes in place would be great.

It’s a brilliant idea to fold the curtains and store them while they’re not being used.

12. Container Gardens for Deck Privacy

Arborvitae or clumping bamboo can be placed in pots and used to surround a raised deck seating area with a green screen. Pots should ideally be elevated on wheels or constructed of lightweight materials to make them portable for events or deck maintenance.

13. Hanging Greeneries

Hanging your plants in a stylish way does provide a number of advantages. To begin, if you hang your plants such that they can’t be seen from the outside, you’ll immediately have an increased sense of privacy.

Your neighbors won’t suspect a thing since you’ll be hanging plants so tastefully that they won’t be able to tell what your true intentions are. Correct!! It’s important no one finds out you’ve been left out.

They may misinterpret your actions and believe you are trying out a radical new approach to design. However, you alone see the bigger picture and understand what’s really going on here. That’s amazing, right?

You may appreciate the plants’ splendor in peace without worrying about anybody else in the area getting hurt.

Additionally, saving floor space by hanging your plants can be used for other purposes, such as sunbathing, grilling, or outside decoration.

14. Creative View Blockers

Numerous municipalities have passed laws capping the height of garden walls. It is nonetheless sometimes feasible to erect structures of a greater height within the yard. It’s brilliant to use this enormous screen as a workaround.

In certain municipalities, fences taller than six feet are prohibited. However, there are times when you may be granted permission to construct a tall building on your land.

You may utilize your ingenuity to come up with a solution by making a view blocker. For instance, do you stockpile clear plastic water bottles? After then, it might function as a personal barrier.

Opaque plastic bottles can have their bottoms lopped off, and their rough edges singed for a cleaner, more polished look, as shown in the photo.

If you have a lot of plastic bottle bottoms in the shape of flowers, you may easily make a more complex bouquet by threading them together. The completed work of art can then be hung from a wooden skeleton or other suitable structure. This is, in fact, only an illustration. These impressive constructions may be built in a number of different do-it-yourself ways.

Cheap Ways to Block a Neighbor’s View (FAQs & Answers

1. What should I do if my property obstructs my neighbor’s view?

If you are aware that your property is obstructing your neighbor’s view, it is important to try to find a solution that works for both parties.

You could consider trimming or removing trees or bushes that are blocking the view or installing a fence or wall that is lower or less obtrusive. It is also a good idea to communicate with your neighbor and try to come to an agreement that satisfies both parties.

2. Can my neighbor force me to remove something that obstructs their view?

It depends on the specific circumstances and the laws in your area. In general, if you have followed all applicable zoning and building regulations and have not violated any laws or agreements, your neighbor cannot force you to remove something that obstructs their view.

3. What factors should I consider before blocking my neighbor’s view?

You should consider the potential impact on your neighbor’s property value, their quality of life, and your relationship with them. It’s also important to make sure you’re not violating any local regulations or building codes.

4. Can my neighbor sue me for blocking their view?

If you’ve followed all local regulations and building codes, it’s unlikely that your neighbor could successfully sue you for blocking their view. However, if they believe that you’ve violated their property rights or caused them financial harm, they may still try to take legal action.

5. How can I resolve a dispute with my neighbor over a blocked view?

The best way to resolve a dispute is to communicate openly and honestly with your neighbor. Try to find a solution that works for both of you, such as planting trees that block the view from certain angles but still allow some visibility. If you can’t reach a resolution, you may need to seek mediation or legal assistance.


In conclusion, there are numerous cheap ways to block a neighbor’s view! You now know how. Now that the inquiry is over, you may perhaps unwind on your patio, garden, or front porch without fear of being disturbed by a nosy next-door neighbor.

If you’re anything like us, your yard is a place of peace and tranquility where you may escape the stresses of everyday life. Nowadays, most people reside in congested urban settings, limiting their access to natural spaces.

It takes a long time for large trees and bushes to mature and become entrenched in their new positions, but once they do, they may act as effective natural barriers to view obstruction.

The solutions that follow offer quicker options for patio and garden screening than the ones that came before. Why not start using our advice right now and watch your garden blossom?

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